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Dr DuMont

Where is the line by line trip explanation?


Where are you from? TEXAS, USA

What car do you drive? TESLA MODEL 3 LR

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? 1600 miles 

What happened to the line by line trip description? The little icon in the lower right has disappeared. I used to export this to an excel file so I could better make plans and modifications rather than suffering through the incredibly abstruse user interface.

And now the ability to modify a stopever/waypoint or destination has gone away.

I paid to subscribed to this, it is (was) far and away the best trip planner I have found, but now it is as useless as the mammary glands on a male hog.

WHEN will you stop screwing with the user interface without letting us know what is going on? 

I will not apologize for this. I am an reasonably sentient 75 year old thrice degreed Engineer, conversant wit computers and technology. Usually I can suss

things out, but ABRP baffles me yet again. 

Anyone have any idea wat changes were made, and where are the things missing?

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