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Canceling my subscription

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I was charged again this month for my subscription. It should have been cancelled last month but apparently wasn't and I am unable to do so. It didn't work for us the one time we tried to use it so I need this cancelled and the next months reimbursed as we don't use the app anymore. 

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Hi @Nytracie,

For security reasons we do not handle issues related to accounts or subscriptions here on the community forum.

Please contact us directly via email by;

1. In the ABRP app / on the website; tap the ABRP logo

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu and tap the ‘support & feedback’ button

3. In the list, select the first option which for non-premium users is ‘give feedback’ and for premium users ‘contact support’.

4. Make sure to include any helpful information such as receipts, user id / email of your account.


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