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"Automatic settings" won't stay on iOS

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New user (premium ) connected to Bolt EUV via vLinker MC+. It all connects and I see data, but when I go into settings when I turn on Automatic settings, it turns on briefly and then turns off.

Additionally using wireless CarPlay, I can't see to see any data on the navigation map, just the route.

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I'm assuming you are using your iPhone's 3g/LTE connection to get to the internet before attempting to connect to the VPN. If so, it's probably do to the carrier, or some type of NAT.

Even more interesting that I speculate that the macbook connected to the iPhone using the Hotspot probably connect to the VPN might even work.

Anyways, Try switching the IP range of your router to something odd like 192.168.11.x or even to 10.x.x.x; although I'd wager that the carrier grade NAT might already be using 10.x.x.x..

Another thing to try: connect to the VPN using your MacBook while using the iPhone as a hotspot to get to the internet.

Hopefully this gives you a direction to go.

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