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What versions of Android OS will support the ABRP app?


I am trying to find out what is the minimum version of the Android OS that will support the ABRP app.  I cannot seem to find this information anywhere.  I don't see it in the forums and it's not listed in the Google Play Store page for the app.  

I recently purchased an older Galaxy Tab A off eBay I thought might work.  I only bought the device to run two apps, ABRP and Torque Pro.  Torque Pro was not a problem, but when I went to Google Play to download the ABRP app, Google Play merely said the app was not compatible with my device with no explanation as to what versions of Android would work.  Rather than do this trial and error routine with buying Android Tablets then see if they work, it would be great if I knew ahead of time what is required for the ABRP app.  Specifically, I need to know what versions of the Android OS is required.  If there are certain memory or processor requirements, it would be nice to know that too.   I do not find this information anywhere on the ABRP website or these forums.  Perhaps I've missed it somewhere. 

Can you please help or direct me to someone you think might have the answer? 

Thanks for any help you can give. 

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I took my old Android smartphone, I did not use for more than one year with ABRP. But before this time, it worked with this Android 6. But now, always comes "ABRP has stopped". I deinstalled ABRP, and installed new from Play Store. But the same. "ABRP has stopped".
I think, it works with Android 7 or newer. But I'm not sure.

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