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What Is the Minimum Android Version (Galaxy Tab) That Will Run the ABRP App?

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I would like to purchase an inexpensive Android Tablet that will run both the Torque Pro and ABRP app simultaneously.  But I can't seem to find the minimum Android version that will work.  I purchased a used 2016 Galaxy Tab A off eBay only to find out that the latest version of Android for this tablet will not run the ABRP app.  Now I have to return it.  What a waste of time. 

I've searched this forum and cannot find an answer.  Will someone please tell me what is the lowest version of Android OS I will need?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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When I go to the Google Play app to download the ABRP app, Google Play gives the message that the Android Tablet I'm using will not allow me to download the ABRP app saying that the Android OS on my device is not compatible with the ABRP app.   And it provides no information as to which Android OS versions are compatible with the ABRP app.  None at all.  And apparently, that information is also not on this forum anywhere. 

Please help. 

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