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ABRP premium connection Tronity



I just bought ABRP Premium for my Android device because I want to use Android Auto on my Skoda Enyaq.

Now i want to connect Tronity to have some live data.

As soon as I want to ''connect'' to the car in the app, and want to ''authorize'' , it opens in de ABRP web in stead of my ABRP android app...


Anyone has an idea why?  I want to use live SoC data and so on, in my Android Auto 🙂

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Same for me. It simply won’t authorise, constantly spinning circle. If I look at 3rd Party Services in the TRONITY app I see multiple “Internio” connections so it’s doing something. I tried deleting them all and starting again but to no avail. 

This isn’t good enough, I am travelling through france and want to rely on what I have paid for, but I can’t. 

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