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Please start to prioritise bug fixing, ABRP feels like alpha software

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ABRP feels like alpha software. I cannot make a single trip navigating without encountering annoying bugs.

I already reported numerous bugs in the bug tracker, but it seems like it is not a priority.

Bugs that I have discovered and are not so rare, already had them multiple times in my ~2 weeks of using ABRP premium:

1. When starting navigation, there are two blue lines towards my destination. One line that goes straight, one line that follows the road.

2. The red navigation arrow disappears when slowing down, making you unaware where you are on the map.

3. The map tiles/pictures do not refresh unless you pinch fingers to zoom out/in.

4. The charging stop icons disappear on the map, sometimes(but definitely not always) clicking the bar to view route info fixes this.

5. A lot of times, ABRP asks me to head straight on a highway for a certain amount of kilometers, to then say "go straight". What's the use of that?

6. Sometimes the transparent circle around the red navigation arrow is gone, making it harder to see your position.


Rare bug i only had twice on my desktop PC:

1. Sometimes i see two charging stop icons on top of each other, and are placed at wrong locations (not on the road).



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Please use the bug report functionality from app/web. Go to settings and scroll down to Support & Feedback. There is a button "Report Bug" that will redirect you to our bug reporting platform. Please open one issue per problem and do not put multiple bugs into one issue.


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