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Van Tim

Checking ABRP is connected to LeafSpy OK

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I am dead excited about the fact that I have (in theory) got live data from my e-nv200 to ABRP via LeafSpy.... however, is there any way I can check that it is connected OK and providing data?

The SoC reading in ABRP route navigation is about 8% lower than in LeafSpy and my dashboard, and it looks like it is still being taken off the App's Departure SoC reading...

I note that in this post 

A user is getting a table of data from LeafSpy that looks like this (attachment)

But I can't find out how I get this anywhere - and this is also making me think I am not actually connected properly (I have done all the server settings etc)

Am I missing some really obvious way to check or is it simply that it hasn't managed to connect correctly?



Data Image.png

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