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Name, delete, or rename a plan

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I'm new to electric motoring and to ABRP, and I'm loving both. I have a question about ABRP route plan management however, which I hope others can help me with:

I have figured out how to make and save plans, but I am having trouble with them once they're in my plan library.

At the point of saving a plan ARBP, appears to ask for it to be named. But rather than saving it with the name that I then enter, it saves it with a lengthy "from - to" name instead.

A "save-as" option would would also be useful, for example - where you want to reverse the direction of a previously saved plan including any way points that have been selected.

And finally, I can't see how to delete a saved plan, either in the App (I'm using devices running Android 10 and 12), or on a PC which I find easier to use for pre-planning (I use Win 10).

Any suggestions?



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