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Cancel ABRP

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It was a few clicks to get there, but it was not too hard to find.

From the ABRP web page (I imagine it's similar from the app), I went to the settings page (hamburger menu in upper left), clicked on my name to get to my account page.  This brought up a popup called "ABRP Account".  On that popup is a "Manage ABRP Membership" button.   Click that, and under "Manage My Subscription" there is a button "Manage My Subscriptions".  Click that and under the popup is lists your subscription.  Click the right twistie (>):


and it brings up another popup with a "Cancel Subscription" link.  I'm not going to go any further than that, but hopefully that gets you going in the right direction.

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I just tried it right now (from the website) and it still works fine.

I'll enclose the screenshot that I am clicking "Manage ABRP Membership" in case you are trying from a different screen.



I got to that screen by clicking on my name after opening up the Settings menu (hamburger icon in the upper left of the website):


Is this the path you are taking?

I tried it on my Android app as well and it brings me to the same place.

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Hi @Ev6er, @Lance Pickup, @HaraldDutch,

You may of course cancel the subscription on your own at any time, how it is cancelled depends on which platform you signed up through;

App store:
Please see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

Google Play:
Please see https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481

Our subscription portal:
To manage your subscription go to the web version, open settings. Then click the button that displays your username to open your account settings. Click the “Manage ABRP Membership” button. From the premium portal you may cancel or renew your subscription. You may also access the premium portal by visiting: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/premium


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