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ABRP and charging curves

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Hi Everybody,

I'm new about EVs and this app.... so please be patient if i ask something knowed.

I'm evalutating buying my first ev. My favourite are Kia EV6 and Nissan Ariya.

I've installed ABRP and compared a long travel (1100 km) from sud to nord italy.

Charging times with EV6 are 65mins and with Ariya I have 137min.

So it seems that ABRP take care only about electrict architecture (800 vs 400 volts) and don't take care about charging curve ....

Infact Ariya claims a very flat charging curve ....

My favourite car is Ariya but ... I need to know if charging times on fast DC charging sites are really duoble respect kia ev6.

I was hoping not ... because I saw some interesting videos of an italian owner of the EV6 ... and he really saw a maximum of 230Kwh for a few minutes during charging.

Most times he charges at 60/120/150 Kwh ....

That's why I was hoping that Ariya was not so far respect Kia EV6 .... but .... ABRP detroyed my hopes. 🙂

Let me know how precise is ABRP about Nissan Ariya.

Infinite thanks

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