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Send my live data (from audi) to the ABRP api using the generic key



For my Audi E-tron 55 I have written a script that refreshes the data of my car and then retrieves the current state of charge (soc). I would like to send this data to the abrp api so that my soc is refreshed while driving.

Now I have seen in the app that I can get a generic key but if I use this key with for example the following post request:

https://api.iternio.com/1/tlm/send?token=<ABRP user token>&tlm={"utc":1553807658,"soc":80.4,"soh":97.7,"speed":0,"lat":29.564,"lon":-95. 025,"elevation":50,"is_charging":0,"power":13.2,"ext_temp":25,"batt_temp":25,"car_model":"chevy:bolt:17:60:other","current":36.66,"voltage":360}

Then I get the error message: 401 Unauthorized Key.

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for your time and response.

Greetings Léon

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