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Charging options

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Why don’t more charging options show up on the map while trip planning?
1. I want to drive my Tesla from West Yellowstone, Mt to Sheridan, Wy through Cody, Wy. ABRP sends me from Cody to Billings to Sheridan. I know there is a ChargePoint (or 3) in Cody. I added ChargePoint as a preferred charger station and it doesn’t show as an option.

2. I wanted to know how much charge I would need to get from Clio, Ca to Loomis, Ca. ABRP insisted that I stop in Truckee, Ca, which I absolutely did not want to do. After deleting all of the Truckee supercharger stations, ABRP tried to send me to Yuba City. Loomis has a fine Supercharger and it only took 40% charge to get there. Why couldn’t I get ABRP to send me there?

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