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Cannot access premium features

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Hi there.

Jus today I purchased the premium feature set. Got the 14 day free trial with it and once I tried to enable premium features in my Polestar 2, on my iPhone, and on my computer via the website, I constantly get redirected to the premium account selection. After the page loads, it shows I have an active yearly subscription…

I logged in on all my devices via my gmail account. Also, if I purchase premium on my iPhone, will it recognize as an existing subscription, or will I be charged twice?



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On 7/19/2022 at 6:57 AM, MBN said:

The trick was to change from yearly to monthly subscription. Does not make any sense, but ok


Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been out of office.

For security reasons we don't handle account or subscription issues here.

Should you experience any further issues please contact us via email;

1. In ABRP, open settings
2. At the bottom of the settings menu tap the ‘support & feedback’ button
3. Select the first option; ‘give feedback’ / ‘contact support’.
4. Include any helpful details; receipts, user id / email


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