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i miss some Tesla Supercharger on ABRP - solved


I try to plan my next long trip with ABRP but ABRP does not offer me all current existing Tesla Supercharger.

Some examples for Superscharger which are exist but not offered in ABRP:

- Berlin (DE) - Euref

- Berlin (DE) - Bernau (north of Berlin)

- Wismar (DE)

- Reichertshofen (DE)

- Leipzig Airport (DE)


What can i do to get the full list of SuC listed in ABRP?



update - i have found the reason for my problem. I have not activated CCS charging connection in my settings. After adding CCS all supercharger are listed in ABRP




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Hi @sdt15749,

Good to hear you found the solution! 

It is indeed so that we only show chargers that match the selected charger types. For older Tesla's that may have had the CCS upgrade, we won't have CCS or Tesla CCS selected by default. This will have to be enabled manually by the user as we unfortunately cannot detect if the car has had the upgrade or not.


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