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the iPad UI is so frustrating …. yesterday I “planned” several trips.. today I cannot work out how to start a new plan (eg new destination etc). Wherever and whatever option/ button I click I cannot find out how to return to the display that shows start and end destination

I don’t want to have to reinstall the app…. Can somebody help ?


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EDIT: I see the problem.. when I tap the arrow to unhide the hidden left menu screen. the navigation window briefly appears for less than half a second but is then replaced by the car configuration window, almost as if there is a double tap. I’m still then unable to return to it… 

Anybody else seen this/ is it a known bug ?

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it’s a display bug.

In Landscape mode, iPad running iOs15.5, if the list of route/waypoints is more than about 5, then the small menu bar with the RESET,SHARE,SAVE,PLAN options becomes detached and disappears off the bottom of the display (I can just see the top of the blue PLAN button)

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