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Send route to Tesla = Error

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Hi all,

I subscribed and linked my Tesla to ABRP. I then planned a route with 1 charging stop along the way. When I click the send to Tesla option, I get a simple message that does not give me much information. The message is ERROR


it does it matter how many times I try, how many different route I try.   

the link to my Tesla is working as it knows the battery level. 

any suggestions how to fix or is it better to unsubscribe and delete the app?



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Hi @Xraptorx,

For this type of problem I'd advise you to seek support either by contacting our support by email or by submitting a bug report in our bug tracker. You'll find both of these options under the 'support & feedback' section at the bottom of the settings menu in the app / web version.

I can however mention that we did implement a fix for an issue which could lead to failure in sending plans to Tesla, just in the beginning of this week and it should currently be working a intended. But, if not please report it to us directly via one of the options mentioned above.


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Same problem here.

All communication by users is actively administrated and redirected to https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/report-a-bug/will-not-share-with-tesla-my. But it doesn't seem to be the place to get an update on this issue either.

In the meantime, is there another way to connect a 2020 Tesla model 3 Long Range that works as advertised? At this point my ABRP iOS app is connected Over-The-Air to my Tesla... had to delete and reconfigure it today, as it suddenly didn't update it's data anymore.

In ABRP settings it seems like I can also set In-Car Live Data (the info icon even shows information that's it's more accurate) next to Over-The-Air. But when I click it I simply get an API key... searching the documentation it seems to be for app development... confusing. Can / should I use it or not?

And, like others here (and on the forum) I also cannot send planning information from the app (or website) to the car: ERROR. Does it only work when inside / near my car? Should the phone be set as the primary phone in the car?

I started using Premium to support future development, but is it worth the monthly fee if even connecting to a single car is problematic?

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Is this problem fixed? I still cannot share route with Tesla with the same "ERROR" message as of today. I am thinking to cancel my ABRP premium subscription since it cannot share with Tesla. Thanks. DC

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On 9/29/2022 at 7:52 PM, Mirzoni said:

Send route to Tesla -> error again?

i thought you ABRP fixed this issue?

broken again?

car linked btw.

thank you.

Connection to your car has been broken, please see this section of our FAQ; https://www.iternio.com/faq?questionId=57200510-616e-4a57-bf62-d73765c1d505&appDefId=14c92d28-031e-7910-c9a8-a670011e062d

For any other issues, please submit an official bug report - we do not provide support here on the community forum.


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