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Avoid suggesting private road



Abrp often suggest a shortcut on a private road when I'm driving home. 

Is there a way to permanently ban that road since I'm not allowed to take that shortcut anyway?

I know that I can use e.g. vias to avoid the shortcut but it would be better to somehow mark that road as non-routable.

Br, Lars

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Hi @Larsilerum,

Avoiding a specific road is currently not possible. If you wish to make an official feature request, you may do so through the 'Support & Feedback' section at the bottom of the settings menu in the app/website. Here, select "Suggestions", or visit abrp.upvoty.com/b/request-a-feature

If you think we're routing you incorrectly you may instead or in addition, submit a bug report where you include a link to the plan in question. We could then look at what data we get about the road and if it may have been incorrectly tagged/labeled. This is also to be done at Upvoty.


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