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Bonnet not supported??? why?


I just noticed that ABRP does not support bonnet, and i wonder why. I have not found a cheaper EV charger solution.

I suppose it's harder to implement bonnet as you would need to file the refill plan you have activated, which decides the charge rate you pay.

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Hi @Borgqueenx, @Oliverpe,

The answer is because we've yet to receive the data from our data partner. Bonnet has already been requested, here's a link to the existing request; https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/add-a-charge-card-network/bonnet-network

Feature requests are no longer handled here on the community forum but you may submit both bug reports and feature requests over at https://abrp.upvoty.com


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I would also very much like if Bonnet would be added as a charging card. When charging abroad, it is the cheapest charging for me even without using the "Bonnet Refill".

I live in Sweden but would like to charge in Germany.

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