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Roadtrip trough scandinavia from the netherlands

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So my wife and I did a roadtrip with our fresh peugeot e208, I am writing this on the second last day of our 14 day trip.

As the title says, we are from the netherlands, so the first 2 days, and last 2 days are non interesting when it comes to travel with an ev. The netherlands and germany are fine for ev travel, altough germany still has some catching up to do.

So, I planned all trips with ABRP, made some ajustments to the route if I wanted to drive a certain road, or if I wanted to make a stop at a certain point. That is al fine and the app does a great job ajusting to your (stupid) ideas.

We went to luneberg, malmo, stockholm, elverum (norway), skovde, landkrona, bremen.

Most of the routes where fine. It would send us some wierd routes just to save some artificial battery %, at one point, it made us leave the highway, drive trough a small fishing town, and then reenter the highway again, really funny, also a bit strange.

The real fun happend on the routes to and from elverum, in norway. There is basicly one highway in the south, that connects to oslo. But the routeplanner showed that we also could drive more of a north route, trough the mountains, as we can use tesla super charges in all the countries now, there where a lot of fast charing options.

But here is the thing, there are a lot of ' roads '  where the theoretical max speed limit is 80. But not a single sole with a will to live will drive 80 on those roads, as there offroad gravel paths or other bumpy jumpy roads rough steep mountains. So even tough the app things its the fasteds route, it really is not.

A ' normal ' routeplanner would have never send us over these roads, but we had so mutch fun. " where is it sending us now?!" and just folowing the directions becouse your in the middle of nowhere and turing around is just stupid.

We had a lot of fun driving these off road routes, but I can imagine not everyone would appreciate it. So I think the ' what is a road and what is not really '  mechanisme could use some work.

What it did prove tough, is that in 2022, you can make a 3.500KM roadtrip trough scandinavia with a small EV. Yes there where days where finding a fastcharger was a bit of a hassle, especially around stockholm and central sweden, but most of the time it was fine, also thanks to the tesla program, that is great. And we could not have done it without ABRP, it would have taken so mutch more work, but the planner part could use some work 🙂

I included 2 video's and a photo of the border crossings between sweden and norway. One was on the fv380 and the other was the fv567 



WhatsApp Image 2022-06-27 at 5.51.37 PM.jpeg

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