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Route Planner seems way off..


I have a Rivian R1T and was planning a trip to Amarillo from Oak Point ( suburb of Dallas). I have a range at 100% of 314 miles. I have trace a route to go and then come back but the charging time and the battery % at the end does not seem correct at all. Is there 70368218_Screenshot2022-06-29ABRP.thumb.png.9f2166c9adebdec17a0045f169c6393d.pngwrong that I am doing ? here are the two screen shots:


Screenshot 2022-06-29 ABRP 2.png

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15 hours ago, Serious said:

You have a reference consumption of 5 Wh/mi, which is way too low.  It should probably be closer to 450 to 500 Wh/mi for the Rivian, depending on how you drive.


Correct! Our current default for this model is 474 wh/mi (including added margin).

However for a value as low as 5 wh/mi we shouldn't accept it and the field should be marked red, and reverted back to the previous value. @paulrenec if this behavior is consistent please let me know / submit a bug report over at https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/forum/71-report-bug-in-the-abrp-bug-tracker/


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