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How to set a lower charging speed?

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I have a Zero Motorcycle, and I'm trying to plan my first trip that requires a charging stop to get to my destination (as opposed to just charging at my destination).

But the Zero seems to default to having the Charge Tank (additional chargers for faster recharging).  So I selected 'Zero + Power Tank' it still shows my default charging speed on Level 2 chargers as higher than it is.  The default charging speed of a Zero is 1.2-1.7 kW (depending on how you count).  A Zero with a Power Tank doesn't have the additional chargers to charge at that higher speed.

How can I set the charging speed down to what I'm actually capable of?


(My bike is actually a 8.5 which doesn't have either the Charge Tank or the Power Tank so only has the default charger like a Zero with a Power Tank.  I can get the range set right by selecting the Power Tank and 25% degradation, but the charging rate isn't right if I display Level 2 chargers.)

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In fact, no matter what I type into the fields when I 'edit' charging, it doesn't seem to change the calculation.  I can't set it to charge longer or shorter or at a lower rate so... Hmm.  How do you make it charge longer?

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