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1h 48min to go 3.8 mi?

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Traveling on I-95 between Washington, DC and Richmond, VA (admittedly a section that can get pretty backed up) this past weekend, I noticed something similar.  On the way north on Friday it kept telling me that an alternate charging stop (which was only one or two exits past the recommended one) was going to add nearly 3 hours to my trip.  I basically ignored ABRP and went to the alternate Supercharger and pretty much didn't use ABRP after that because that was going to be the only stop I needed.

On the way back south on Sunday though, it was all messed up.  I think it was related to live traffic because when I disabled live traffic the predictions seemed more reasonable, but here are some screenshots of what ABRP was predicting versus the car:


The actual routes recommended mainly followed I-95 directly, but the car recommended a small diversion off I-95 for one exit to avoid a backup.  While this negates an apples to apples comparison, there is no way that that backup was a full 2 hours long...in fact, I even wonder if it was necessary to divert at all, due to waiting at traffic lights, and traffic on the highway was not stopped, just very heavy, so all in all it was probably awash.

Nonetheless, at the end of that segment, the actual arrival at Stafford was 4:15pm, so the car was off by 4 minutes, while ABRP was off by a staggering 2 hours and 3 minutes!

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