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So I just received my iX 50, I’m an ABRP premium user. So I plugged in my OBD adaptor and selected iX3, as that is the only option to see the OBD selection (did not check the i4)

Anyway it seems data is flowing but the charge displayed does not correspond to actual charge, ABRP shows more charge than car, depends but it’s between 2 to 4% higher. 

Charge at destination reached is also off in ABRP, ABRP thinks there is more charge in the battery. (Even more I think as the consumption or data flow makes the gab bigger, so if you start with a 2% gab you end with a 3 or 4 after the drive)

So all in all, encouraging to see dongle and some data is flowing … but I would like to see an iX alpha entry with better parameters if possible so I can test.





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