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No live map?

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I’m trying ABRP with a Nissan leaf 24kw 2016 and a Bluetooth 5 OBDII reader and LeafSpy pro.


the main issue is that the map don’t seems to update during navigation route. The speed is dynamic (not the one from the OBDII but more likely GPS speed). Also the battery level don’t seems to be updated even with « automatic setting » on the battery report it’s not the same that the car dashboard.


the main issue is the navigation because I’m travelling from Ireland to France with at least 7 charge ahead…. Worst case, is there a way to sent the route / charging stop as POI to google map or waze ?

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Tried to force quite the app a few time same issue.

werdly today it’s working just fine.


device iPhone 12 Pro Max / iOS 16b2

something else, it’s seems that having ABRP left open disconnect LeafSpy pro after a few minutes so I have to go back to it and go back to ABRP to update the battery level, any work around ?


for the GPS speed display is there a way to swap for the LeafSpy data ? (From the OBDII)?

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