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Ferry vs Eurotunnel

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Hello all,

Apologies if this has been raised before however why doesn’t ABRP allow you to select between the Ferry or Eurotunnel?

I’m planning a trip to Disneyland Paris for later this year from the UK and it defaults to the ferry however I’m planning to take the Eurotunnel.


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I'm having the same challenge.  If I try and add the Folkestone terminal - it takes me there and then on to Dover for the Ferry.  You are able to select ferry routes now - but it doesn't show all options and does not show the eurotunnel route. 

I'm updating this as I can in fact see and select the Eurotunnel - just wasn't obvious how to do this.  (Right click on the line between Folkstone and Coquelles and add the ferry route). 

However it still adding in the ferry from Dover to Calais ferry so I end up going back and forth across the channel according to ARBP!!  And I can't remove the ferry route so very frustrating.

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