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Configure Multiple vehicle

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Hallo everybody, and my compliments to the creator of this cool and useful app.

I searched around and I did not find anything about the possibilities of having configured multiple vehicle in a the same app.
I have 2 Tesla and I would like to choose from one another, when I make a trip, and especially the online data link from my TeslaLogger.

Is there a way to do so?
because in the configuration menu I can only find the "New Vehicle" option and not an "Add Vehicle" .....

Thank you

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Hi @Nico,

This is how you can add and link another car:

1. Click 'Select a new car'
2. Once selected click 'Live Data' (below the new selected car in vehicle selection menu)
3. Accept the request to have the new vehicle saved (a saved copy is required for linking)
4. Select the desired live data option, follow the linking steps

(Note: only premium users may save multiple vehicles)


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