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Bad experiences during Premium evaluation period

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This weekend I did my first long trip using ABRP. I startet a Premium evaluation period. I am kind of disappointed.

Setup: VW ID.3 Pro Performance, ABRP 4.2.7, iOS 15.4.1

Negative experiences:

  1. The location tracking lags by several kilometers, navigation instructions are often late by minutes (!). On one trip I missed a charging station due to this problem. This happens especially, when navigation instructions are desperately needed.
  2. I set the desired SoC when reaching a charging station to 10 %. When ABRP calculates the destination ABRP well below 10 %, it does not change the route or charging strategy. It waits until the SoC is actually below 10 %. But at the that point, most of the time it is too late for alternative charging stations.
  3. When the SoC falls below 10 %, ABRP tells me that the plan does not work as desired. But it fails to propose a valid alternative. All alternatives were worse, not letting me reach the charging stations.
  4. ABRP knew of a major traffic jam on Austrian A10 today. But it routed me directly into this jam, although there would have been a better alternative route. In this state, live traffic data does not have any benefit.

With this major bug (especially 1 - 3), I will not pay for a premium account. Are there any recommendations?

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