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Standalone OBD Device for Live Data

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One thing we'd like to make easier to do is retrieving data from the various cars we support.  One option we've been tracking for a while is OBD devices with their own 3G connection.  In theory, with such a device it would be possible to create something like a plug-and-play setup, where a non-tech-savvy user can just get the OBD dongle and plug it into their car with no (or very little) setup required.

I really like the idea of doing this, but don't really have the basis of knowledge to support implementation.

This thread is for soliciting that basis of implementation, or telling me that there are better methods.  I would very much appreciate feedback / experience / lessons learned from folks who have worked with these kinds of devices before, and some recommendations on what I can pursue to make the ABRP Telemetry experience even easier and more accessible to all users.

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I would recommand an Android and iOS app. There are several easy plug and play OBD dongles. Eg. the Lelink, just plug in and choose it in the mobile app, no need for Bluetooth paring or Wifi.

With an app things are much simpler. Eg. just asking a user for his car model and the used OBD device and ABRP token, login, ...

Such an app would run in background, so even if other apps are in foreground. As users already need some device to see the ABRP output a background app to collect the OBD data on the same device is not a big problem for users. The app might also include a web view to embed (display web page of) the planner itself.

And supporting new car models, bug fixing or new requirements for collecting data would be much easier. Just an app update.


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19 hours ago, Arthur said:

These guys are doing something similar but different. A plug and play box to record monthly consumption, rather than trip information, but I suspect similar technical challenges. https://flipthefleet.org/ev-black-box/

Interesting, I hadn't heard of them before, I'll try contacting them and see if they'd be willing to work with us! A little expensive on the front end, but a very useful-sounding device!

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