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Updating the charging curve in APRB?

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The charging curve that ABRP has for the R1T seems to be too optimistic on the top-end. The truck starts to taper very heavily past 85% (below 50kW even), and so it almost never makes sense to DCFC past that point on a trip. But ABRP will often suggest charging into the 90s of %, and will generally under estimate the time that it would take to do so. I'm assuming ABRP just has an assumed charge curve for the R1T?

Out of Spec (on youtube) did a pretty decent analysis of Rivian charging. The video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAZKJ8capN8, and the data is here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ROJDnZRC8yQkvvQaXnZlg98qlu5XOr7_Zy2jiop0kIc/. Note on that Google docs sheet, you want to look at the second sheet (2022.11.02) for the latest curve with the latest software.

Note on the "theoretical" label. It's theoretical because Kyle was unable to follow that curve all the way from 0-100, presumably due to eventual thermal throttling (his educated guess). That is the curve that you'd expect to see if you plugged in at the middle of the SoC though, and charged for a few tens of %. So it probably makes sense as an "ABRP curve", since ABRP can't know exactly what the battery temperature will be for every user in every scenario. Also, Rivian recently added battery preconditioning, so it's possible that more people will see this curve now.

Regardless, this curve shows that ABRP is being overly optimistic on the high end of the SoC. Would it be possible to fix that?

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