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Corsa-E live data & save activity via OBD2?


Hi, just connected a Corsa-E to ABRP using a Vgate BLE dongle, on iPhone.
First thing noticed was that the "connect via OBD2" pops another window where connections/sensors are scanned/reported. Says OK (green), then some popup appears (i notice the X to close it) but it has transparent background/can't read the content properly. After closing this, the OBD2 window (where sensors are listed live is not scrollable). I can't get out of it except i close the app or..(weird) rotate the phone which brings me back to ABRP main window but not sure if OBD2 is still active or not.

Furthermore, none of my trips get saved. I see no "save my activity" option in the live car data or settings.
I'm running a trial 30 day premium to see if ABRP is a good solution for me and if yes, get a year sub.


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ok, today looks better but still weird stuff going on.
i deleted the car in-app, logged out, deleted the app, restarted iphone.
reinstalled app (same v4.2.6), logged in, car was still there (but not saved), connected live data thru OBD2, this time the pairing screen looked proper, it connected and i also saw (for the first time) the SAVE button bottom right, lol.

Car saved, live data paired but "save my activity" kept turning itself off (the toggle) everytime i turned it on.
For some reason after a while it remained ON and stayed ON.

Did 2 trips (with engine off in-between), but ABRP saw it as one big trip - with the actual pause between trips (about 15min!) showing as 0 km/h speed, etc. I check Tronity (not connected to ABRP) and it detected 2 separate trips, correctly.

GPS seemed to work better in-app (via Carplay) than yesterday, when it had timeouts and updated position every 5-10 seconds or so, was unusable.

So, questions now are:
- how to force a trip end when it's actually ended? (no navigation route set, just plain driving)
- how to see consumption averages in the trip details? Now only power, SoC, elevation and speed are recorded.
- would linking Tronity account help with correct trip segmentation maybe?

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i stopped using the OBD live data and went for Tronity over-the-air sync.
question: what does the "override location based on device instead of live data" do in this context? Does it take GPS location from phone itself vs. from PSA servers via Tronity API? (if at all?)

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