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Hello from Kraków

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Where are you from? Kraków, Poland

What car do you drive? iD.3 1 st

Whah's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Sicily like on motorcycle trip, so almost no highways c.a. 7000 km, but first was Croatia. Using premium ABRP but phone gets hot, and on last trip to Germany I had problem with choosing right chargers. 











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Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand!  We are quite slow here in our uptake of EVs, but with fuel prices and environmental concerns, plus some government incentives, this is gradually changing.  The next big challenge in my part of the world is improving charging infrastructure, especially in the South Island


Having driven a BMW i3 for 5 years, I recently purchased a BMW iX3 M Sport Pro.  I discovered the ABRP app and really like it, but I'm a bit disappointed that the iX3 is only listed as being in Alpha, and I cannot see a way to connect the app to my vLinker MC+ ODB BLE dongle.  The dongle is visible to the BLE Scanner app, and Bimmercode can read modules from the dongle, but there's no option to connect to it from the ABRP app.

Maybe I'm missing a trick here?  Please can anyone help?  Or perhaps I help you by providing any information to move this vehicle from Alpha to being fully supported?




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Hi @Simon Cobb,

Nice to hear!

Regarding the status labels, they're displayed to reflect how much real world data we've been able to base the model on and this is entirely dependent on how many users link their car with a good quality live data source and drive.

  1. Alpha – An initial model based on measurements or data by external parties, not thoroughly verified.
  2. Beta – A more mature model validated by matching to owners’ actual road trip numbers
  3. Release – Model verified and improved by recorded real life driving data.

Read more:

As for getting live data from your iX3, here's how it can be linked:

1. Go into: Settings (Advanced) > Car model
2. Click the vehicle model. Make sure to select the correct vehicle
3. Click “Edit settings”
4. Select a linking option in the list
5. Follow the linking instructions 

You can see and compare all supported vehicles and connection options here; https://abetterrouteplanner.com/compare/livedata

The only available live data option for the BMW iX3 is TRONITY, the OBD connection is not yet supported but we'd be happy to enable it if provided the OBD commands. I found an existing request here over at: https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/obd-requests/add-support-for-dongle-for-ix3


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