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Sending Saved Routes to my Phone

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I've planned four legs of an upcoming trip on my computer and saved the routes. I want to take them with me. Can I transfer them to my phone and make them available to your Android app? If yes, then how?

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We don't have a "proper" Android App yet, but we do have a web app you can access by going to the website on your phone and clicking "Add to Home Screen" in your browser.  This works really quite well for me.

Once you're signed in on your phone (Settings > More Settings > Synchronize Settings > ABRP Login, different from the Forum login unless you used the "ABRP Login" option to create your account), you can access your saved plans and run the site on your phone.

My setup is pretty simple, I'll post a blog post at some point with pictures.  I put my phone with ABRP on a magnet mount next to the main screen of the car, and Torque is always running so it autoconnects and starts sending Live Car Data to ABRP then:

  1. Plug the phone in so Android Auto launches
  2. Load up the plan on my phone via Saved Plans
  3. Click "Share to App" from the Share page, which sends the first charge stop to Android Auto

I like using the No-Map / Fullscreen mode for ABRP, which just provides the graph and details, since Android Auto has the map for me, reduces the processor load on my phone.  As you're driving with live data, ABRP will adjust to the actual conditions and offer to replan if you diverge from the prediction for whatever reason.

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