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Chris in Canada

Epic Cross Canada Journey - How to break it up

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We have big plans in July-August to go from West to East Coast of Canada and back (Vancouver Island to PEI).

I have an ODBII (iCar Pro) adapter and I've activated the premium ABRP plan for the next couple months. 


  1. I've created Plans that essentially break the trip up into each day of driving but I'm wondering if it will simplify things at all if I combine some of them into multi-day plans. We'll be pulling the trailer with our camping gear and splitting time between camping and hotels.
  2. Anyone have any recommendations for Level 2 portable chargers (compatible with Level 1 so we could swap out or Hyundai issued plug)
  3. Any folks on the Prairies (especially on the Yellowhead) and/or Northern Ontario and Quebec (Highway 11/117) with advice on places to charge that might not be on the map?
  4. Related to #1: 
    How well does ABRP and Google Maps or Apple maps (with CarPlay) handle the intermediate stops? Do they take me to the next stop from the Plan, or the final destination and what about if we stop the navigation halfway (to go sightseeing or whatever) will it pick back up in the middle of a plan?

If I think of any other questions I may add to this post 🙂


Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 08.21.47.png

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