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Use AC chargers when necessary

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Description:  If there are no suitable DC chargers on a route, permit the routing engine to use AC chargers to fill in a gap.

Use Case: I live in an area with few DC chargers - I drive a 2012 Leaf and the nearest DC charger is 200 km away.  AC slow charging is necessary for some of us!  I've tested some routes which would be possible with an AC charge (and the charger appears on the map) but the routing engine doesn't use it, instead opting to fail to identify a route.

This also applies to the Round Australia Electric Highway.  This is a not a network of chargers in the traditional sense, but a collection of "dumb" 22kW three-phase power sockets which have been installed by enthusiasts around remote highways across Australia.  The rationale behind them is that it will be a long time before DC fast charging comes to these remote routes and so these sockets will be the only available option for the foreseeable future.  More info here:  https://www.teslaowners.org.au/round-australia


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This sounds like an excellent idea to me (an Aussie) as well!

A related piece of goodness would be nominating that a waypoint is in fact an overnight stay with charging available that will result in 100% charge the next day. In other words, multi-day trip planning.

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