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Hot Phone?

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Hi All,

Just got an Ioniq 5 (8 days ago), and signed up to the Premium subscription.

Live in Rossendale, Lancashire, in the North West of the UK.

Have already done a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon-on-Avon (135 miles each way in it) and planning a trip to France to see my brother next week involving multiple rapid charges.

I tried navigating to work in Bolton today using the app to see how it worked, and found my iPhone (13 Pro) screen went dark after a few minutes of use when on CarPlay, I'm guessing due the the phone getting really warm! Either it was charging more than needed, or it was in the sun a bit in the windscreen, or it was working too hard processing the ABRP data. If I switched the screen off, and came back to the app, it was not picking up the correct SOC from the OBD dongle.

I'm worried about damaging the phone if the workload is too high and cooking the battery. Any suggestions?

I tried again navigating to come home, and on a different route. The SOC reported by the dongle was a few % too high! Disconnected and reconnected the dongle but no change.

Anyway, I need more practice before I use it for a long trip....


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i am also using ABRP on a iPhone SE 2020 with wired Carplay in an IONIQ 5. I can also say that the phone is getting hot at the backside. In 2 weeks we are driving 1400km with one nightstop, hopefully with a smooth abrp navigation. I will try this out to disconnect bluetooth car connection tomorrow.


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