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E Niro trip navigation

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Is this route planner better in UK than the UK ev built in sat navs?

If it is how would you use it when driving as this few if any of UK cars as far as I am aware have live browser options yet, so it would be difficult to follow betterrouteplanner when driving as most phone /iPad screens are small 


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I drive a Bolt EV, which has a similar problem.  Eventually I want to make ABRP available on Android Auto, but need to build an app and learn a lot of things first.

For now, My setup is a magnet mount next to my screen, I run ABRP in no-map mode, and click "Share to App" while my phone is in Android Auto.  This opens the next step for Google Maps / Waze whatever to navigate, then ABRP tracks my progress and calibrates (and provides me with some neat data, like a predicted vs actual charge graph).  It works quite well!

I'm taking a road trip next week, and I'll take a picture of my setup.

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In the Ioniq with Apple CarPlay it doesn't work like that sadly. If you use a CarPlay App it also switches to that App on the phone. So it is not possible to have both Maps in Carplay and ABRP on the phone at the same time.

I have actually missed turns on two occasions already because of this. Its not optimal. I would either have to plan the route on the car's navigation or have a second phone.

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