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OBDLink CX highly recommended!

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Hello @ all,

when looking for a reliable OBD adapter, don't choose a cheap one, even not the medium expensive vLinker MC+
With this dongle I wasted time and money and at last, vgate support told me it is not working as it is everywhere promoted!

I decided a 2nd try and ordered the OBDLink CX, but not via the American Amazon link, where alll the recommended dongles are listed,
this would take 2 weeks delivery time, I have choosen KDS in Northern Germany (Hannover)
because the German Amazon is with 109€ super super expensive and KDS only 10€ more than the recommended American Amazon link.
KDS is also very helpful as well, when having any questions and I had questions because this adapater is recommended for BMW.
But this so called 'BimmerCode' is only requiered, when you want to 'tune' your car and write back via this interface and not, when only reading data out.

Hi @Katya-ABRP,
maybe you want a liitle, let me say "revise" your recommendations at https://www.iternio.com/abrp-obd
I was close before to give up, when even the recommended devices are not working and I really can't recommende vLinker MC+ for Android version 12, One-UI v4.1
Most of the problems I discovered I asked in thread below, but 1st problem was that I didn't know saved my car in ABRP, even when it was listed every time I opened the app. 


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