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Issues with vLinker MC+ OBD dongle on 2016 VW e-Golf



I am trying to connect ABRP with my 2016 VW e-Golf in order to use the app with live data. I purchased a vLinker MC+ ODB dongle as it appears to be one of the models that are known to work. Even though the dongle appears to connect, I am getting the attached error when trying to sync it up with the ABRP app.

I tested the module with other apps such as Car Scanner and it appears to be working fine.

Wondering if someone has experienced a similar issue.



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I have the same scanner and have been using it on a Mustang MachE. Also was having the same issue; it works with car scanner software but not always with ABRP. By updating to latest ABRP and unlinking the vLinkerMC+ ODB dongle and removing all past data and starting from scratch did seem to work for me. The rebooting the phone/Bluetooth and all the suggested steps did nothing. Now though the CarPlay stops audio when ABRP kicks in. The two software packages seem to compete rather than compliment each other. But the dongle seems to work more reliably but still not 100 percent.

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