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Guys & Girls,


I'm planning to go the Swiss & Italian Alps. I was there a couple of years ago and drove the route to the Stelviopass. The problem is, when i try plan a route in that direction, ABRP doesn't want to pass the route. I know that the route is closed untill half May, but is is open now. With Google Maps it is no problem but ABRP refuses to choose the route. I saw some Youtube videos of the Tesla driving this route with no problems. I have also changed my car in the settings into a Tesla Y model instead of my current Ioniq 5 58kWh, but still no possibility in ABRP.


The route from charger to charger is 40 km. Who can help me? Appreciated & Cheers!





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I am having the same issue trying to route across North Cascades HWY (Washington State USA). ABRP will not use a direct route. IPad app uses Apple Maps which does not show a closure - the highway was cleared of snow and opened nearly a month ago. Apple Maps will route directly along SR 20 - the direct route. Using the route ABRP suggests adds 120 extra miles.

It’s good that since the route is closed over the winter ABRP would not use it - but when does ABRP up date highway information?

Is this a premium function?

I am new to ABRP and experimenting with its functions. I like what I see so far - but will hesitate to elevate a subscription if this is a common problem.

Happy EV motoring!


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Hi @TMS09 & @Tinkerin,

Planning through passes/roads with seasonal closures is NOT limited to premium users.

We should normally be able to include these in planning, but currently we are limited to only being able to plan with what is currently open. Meaning, that if you are planning during the winter months, we will not be able to consider the pass open even with a future departure date. It is of course something we'd like to change but doing so is somewhat complex. A mission for the future.

Here's the thread on our bug tracker website: https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/report-a-bug/passes-in-the-alps

This may be the reason for why you're not able to plan with the passes. There's also a slight delay (few days - a week) in the map updates, thus if the pass opened just before you were planning the change might not yet have reached ABRP.

If it is still not working for you, feel free to submit a report including the plan link over at https://abrp.upvoty.com/boards/posts/report-a-bug/


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