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How to get "Vgate vLinker MC+" displayed in ABRP?



I'm new to this forum and I probably posted my problem in the wrong place so I'm posting it under the car brand hoping to get an answer now...

 I will be traveling to Norway in less than 1 month and to get the most out of ABRP which I have never used in my Enyaq iV80, I wanted to use an OBD device via ABRP in addition to upgrading to Premium for my 4,000 km journey to get more detailed information.

 I followed the link below in settings, release notes "Note that OBD-BLE adapters are generally insecure - read more here!" and purchased the recommended Vgate vLinker MC+. Additionally, I installed (via the Google Play button at the bottom of this page) the BLE scanner listed in the description as "Install nRF Connect for Mobile on your Android / iOS device". .

Although this scanner is able to "see" the OBD-BLE adapter, I can also read out (display) some information, but the BLE scanner is not bound. Bluetooth settings says "You need an app to use this device".

So, in my opinion the BLE scanner is just to verify whether the dongle is actually there and not actually necessary for usage.
This is my question: "How do I get this OBD-BLE adapter available in ABRP?"

I can't find anything related to OBD in the ABRP settings and Android Bluetooth Screenshot_20220512-124354_Settings.thumb.jpg.5ae0bd6bcad54a02440548d408a6ddec.jpgsays it needs an app to use this device...


Thx in advance for any help

br Egbert.


Screenshot_20220512-124112_BLE Scanner.jpg

Screenshot_20220512-124126_BLE Scanner.jpg

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Hi @EgbM,

I've just checked your account and you don’t appear to have a saved vehicle created yet, this is needed for linking. Please do the following:

1. Go into: Settings (Advanced) > Car model
2. Click the option ‘Add my car’
3. Specify the vehicle model, name it
4. Select a linking option in the list
5. Follow the setup instructions 

For any further assistance please refer to the 'Support & feedback' section at the bottom of the settings menu in the app.


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Hi @EgbM,

Great to hear!

'Live-daten entkoppeln' does indeed disconnect the selected live data option.

The calendar button is for the 'my drives' feature, i.e. your saved activities; driving & charging (premium feature available when using live data). Driving should be no issue to have recorded as long as you're driving with the app being active (keeping the Bluetooth connection to the app active) but what can be good to know is that charging may be a little difficult since we're unfortunately not able to get data remotely with the obd connection (such as when you leave the car, exit the app etc.).


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