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how to get "Vgate vLinker MC+" working?


Description:  How to get the recommended Vgate vLinker MC+ on an Android Smartphone (GalaxyS21) working?.

Hello community,

for my Enyaq I purchased the recommended 
Vgate vLinker MC+, I also installed (Via the button to Google Play),the BLE-Scanner.
The scanner 'sees' the 
OBD BLE adapter, I also can read out (display) some information, but I'm still not bonded and the bluetooth settings are saying: You need an App to use this device.
So in my opinion, the BLE Scanner is only to see, whether the dongle is available but - and this is my quesation - how do I get this OBD BLE adapter into ABRP? In settings I can't find anything related to OBD.

Thx in advance fpr any help
br Egbert.

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Hello Patrick,

at the beginning, it was a pain in the ass, to get the Vgate Vlinker MC+ working (the button to pair doesn't work, no time window), but the disadvantage - and this is also mentioned in the recommended OBD dongles - with every new connection (power off - power on) the MAC address of the Vgate Vlinker MC+ OBD dongle changes and you have to do the whole connection process, which was not always successful. So, I sent this dongle back and bought the 1st recommended dongle from OBD Link CX and this one works like a charm: Plug it in and it gets connected at once

Once you are connected, then you can edit everything you want - but I bought the ABRP Premium version to get all functions. Because of a lot of issues with the App ABRP itself, I terminated the subscription. There have been some improvements whioch I have to verify first next month maybe...

cu egbert.

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On 7/28/2022 at 6:23 AM, EgbM said:

I agree. The V LInker does not seem to work and now the return window is gone so do I spend another $102 for the Link CX?  I have a 2020 Kia Niro EV Touring.  It connects then not and now I can't even get the connection to stay.  It keeps saying it can read some data but not continuous and then gives an error. That is why I bought the OBD and subscribed to ABRP so I can get live data.  I will try it more on my trip starting tomorrow and if it does not work then  may give up my ABRP premium sub.


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