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Ioniq 5, carlinkit, obdlink cx


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I have a ioniq 5 with carlinkit adapter (i use android) and OBDLINK cx. 

When i try to set the connection with my obd, it connects to it via BLE but the third step (connect to car) fail. Also, whenever i open ABRP it always prompts me to dowbload google speech app, which ive done, but it happens every time  i open it. 

Abrp works well with my obdlink cx when i use the app in my phone (ie not on the dash of the car with carlinkit). ThanksIMG_20220510_160655.thumb.jpg.ad01bc26769903d964cfafe28080b5c0.jpgScreenshot_20220510_173506_com.facebook.katana.thumb.jpg.cebfa91cf46e46b12398f12da495c998.jpgIMG_20220510_162908.thumb.jpg.7e1cce96fdcddff2c25e156b9c4e03ed.jpgIMG_20220510_160437.thumb.jpg.4fbe26d8d521ff296482ab67c076d98a.jpgIMG_20220510_162908.thumb.jpg.7e1cce96fdcddff2c25e156b9c4e03ed.jpg

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