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Use the same car for different driver profiles?

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It appears it is not possible to have the same car-ID in ABRP for different driver profiles in the PS2? Both me and my wife have ABPR installed among our apps in our respective driver profiles in the Polestar 2 infotainment. Both are logged in to my ABPR account. I have a car-ID setup under my driver profile, and while that is visible also in my wifes instance of the app, it seems impossible to select the same car-ID. Or it is possible to select, but it will in two seconds revert back to the other ID. We ended up with several PS2-cars on my account 😞 I deleted all but the one I use in my driver profile. But when logged in to my wifes profile in the car and starting ABRP, it automatically creates a new PS2-car in parallel to mine.

Why can't we use the same car-ID? Or how do we do to select the same?

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