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Where are you from? Atlanta GA

What car do you drive?  2018 Model S  75D

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV?  Atlanta to Philadelphia round-trip

Hi.  I love this app, but synchronization is not working for me.  I log in with my username (same as my login for this forum), and I don't see plans I created on another device.  I'm wondering if it has to do with cookies.  In my Tesla, there's a button for me to click, on the ABRP screen, to authorize the use of cookies, but nothing happens when I click it.  Tesla browser is now much better than it used to be, but maybe Tesla browser doesn't allow cookies.  (But synchronization also doesn't seem to work when I switch from a Macbook to a PC laptop.)  It sure would be nice if I could plan a complex route, and conveniently access it in my car's browser.  Also, when I send the next step of the route to the car, Tesla Navigation doesn't seem to realize that it's a Tesla Supercharger destination.  I'm thinking it would be better if it knew that.  Like, for making sure the battery is warmed up for charging.  But maybe on a long trip, the battery is ALWAYS warm enough, when you get to a Supercharger??  ABRP is so good (for long complex trips) that I don't really even need Tesla Navigation anymore.  But it would be great if I could access my pre-planned routes.  Please advise...

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Making progress.  I've found that with the new Chromium browser, ABRP doesn't seem to work well on full-screen in my Model S.  On the default 1/2 screen, it's working better.  Not sure why this would be, and full screen would be nice, but I can live with the default 1/2 screen.  I now log in and I see my saved plans!!  And I was even able to click the "accept cookies" box.  Looking a lot better!!

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