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Major CarPlay Issues

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When using ABRP via CarPlay, the app is incredibly unresponsive. There is a delay of approximately 10 seconds from the time I touch the screen and when the touch is registered. Even then, the app often freezes entirely. The problem seems to be worse when I have live data enabled via OBD.

Another issue is that unlike all other navigation apps I've ever used on CarPlay, there is no always present screen showing the estimated time of arrival.

I am running ABRP on a 2022 Kia Niro EV.

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Same for me, even on my phone. Tried with many devices: android, ios, iPad pro, android auto, carplay. It's not really usable for me.

Maybe because they are using React native as their app development framework.

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I would tend to disagree with this feedback. Using ABRP on iPhone 11 Pro, with live ODB2 Bluetooth dongle, and definitely sending the whole thing to CarPlay in a 2022 Kia EV6 I have found the whole experience mostly very very good.  I base this on 3 road trips in the last few weeks. Total mileage on the car is approaching 2500 miles with around 1000 miles of that using ABRP live in a road trip mode (vs commuting where I also sometimes turn ABRP on and check my 40 mile commute just for fun).

I think ABRP has occasionally lost my Phone’s GPS location so I had to move the phone up on the dash behind the screens from previously it’s sort of buried position way down in the floor console storage area near the driver’s right ankle. But this is hardly an ABRP issue and common to any navi app if your phone can’t see the satellites. For instance waze has sometimes lost my GPS location with this same phone. My phone also does frankly sometimes get a little warm running Waze/ABRP/ElectrifyAmerica/PlugShare/ChargePoint/ShellRecharge apps all requesting GPS location. 

In summary I really love ABRP at the moment. I still use waze in parallel because of its ahem speed monitoring features and frankly I trust waze to reroute me from congestion nightmares that seem to be a normal occurrence nowadays at the most abnormal times. 

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