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OBD Device Won't Stay Connected

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I purchased a vLinker MC+ OBD2 dongle to use with ABRP. The dongle initially connects just fine, but each time the car is restarted 2022 (KIA Niro EV), the app won't automatically reconnect to the dongle. I have to go edit the car in settings to re-add the dongle. Is this expected behavior? I thought I'd read that other people are able to leave their dongles connected with no issue.

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I have this same issue. Everytime i want to use the app with the automatic settings i have unplug the odb2 dongle and reconnect it and go through the ABRP app, delete the connection and relink.


Why is it not staying connected? It takes aay from the automatic updates/settings if i to manually re do the connection everytime i want to use it.


@ABRP any updates or know this is an issue at least? This post was made weeks ago with no replies.

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I was faced with the same issue as well - also with KIA e-Niro. And after some weeks & frustrations I replaced the
vLinker MC+ by the OBDLink CX. And since about more than one month the OBDLink CX works like a charm - no
more problems with reconnects.

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