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ABRP Classic: "next charger" broken indefinintely?



While using the ABRP Classic from within my Tesla Model S 85 builtin browser app (the new version is simply not functioning in the "old" browser) for my road trips. Due to Corona the last two years were somewhat quiet in that regard, but recently I drove one 1400km and another 1800km trips. Used my desktop PC to plan the route comfortably on the big screen and saving it to my ABRP account. While doing so I've encountered that the feature "next charger" is processing for a couple of settings and presents an empty window:




Any idea why? Is this feature lost because the Classic version is somewhat depreciated? Since I am depending on the Classic Version for in-car-use I hope it is just a glitch...

BTW I like the classic UI way more, also the info shown in the spreadsheet like overview in the no map mode. The no map mode is also necessary for in car use, afaik not available in the new web version, too.

Thanks in Advance! Oaito.

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