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Can't get ABRP recalculate

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So I tried ABRP on a nice long route to NE Scotland from Gatwick, and TBH it failed for me.  It calculated a route for me, but stated charging limits that I wanted to change (I like to have an idea when I will eat rather than just charge).  A good example is on the return leg back home, I wanted to charge to 80% at Ionity Perth and Gretna rather than 77% and 72% and then have the app recalculate the rest of the route.  So, I went into the stops, clicked edit but then there was no option to update so the initial settings remained.

On the way up, it didn't handle traffic that well so I started using TomTom to route me.  When I went back into the app once at my first charging point, there was no easy way I could see to confirm my current SoC - it really could do with a 'You've resumed your journey, please confirm your current SoC'.

I like the idea of ABRP, but at the moment it's not really that useful for me because of this (maybe just me I guess).

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