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Anyone got a BLE dongle working with Taycan and iOS device?

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I recently bought a VGate vLinker MC+ (which is on the list of "recommended" BLE dongles), but it won't show up in ABRP in iOS plugged into a 2022 Taycan Turbo S. Meanwhile, the dongle does show up for other apps such as diagnostic apps, so it seems to work with the car, but not with ABRP in combination with my OS and vehicle.

Has anyone successfully linked the VGate vLinker MC+ to ABRP on a Taycan via iOS?

Or have you had success with another ODB BLE dongle on iOS for the Taycan? I'd be willing to buy another dongle if someone can confirm one that is working with my configuration.


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Hi, I'm using ABRP 4.2.3 on IOS with VGate vLinker MC+ BLE Dongle with my Porsche Taycan and every time I put my car in park mode, I have a red message saying "High-Voltage system enabled". Any idea ?

Here is the error message in french:


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2 hours ago, serger1162 said:

Did you try to unplug the VGate vLinker MC+ BLE Dongle ? Does the message disappear ?

Probablement lié au fait que le Tayacan detecte la consomation externe du dongle et du coup ne se met pas totalement
en veille

Yes it disappears when you unplug the dongle.

It seems that this dongle is in standby mode when you power off the Taycan.


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